Sunday, October 23, 2011


Do we take time out in our busy day, week, fortnight ..... month even, to feed our spirit ?? For most of us we are always so busy DOING, that we often don't stop and just sit or stand STILL.
Life is so often full of daunting challenges and yet, we keep on barging right through them all in order to survive. But that begs the question ...... Are we JUST surviving ??

As women particularly, we are so often doing for others. Our children, our partners, our aging parents, those that we work with, that we don't stop and take a moment to meet our own needs. We don't take time to catch our breath and renew and refresh ourselves, so that we are better able to do what we need to do for others. We feed our bodies, and sometimes don't do that well, either overeating or not eating often enough, or even not eating enough food, and so it is the same with our spiritual welfare.

Do you take the time to reflect on what is happening around you? Within yourself, your family, your friends. Conflict occurs and we don't stop and take the time to reflect on the outcome of that conflict. We are often left feeling as though we are not good enough, hard done by, treated disrespectfully, unloved, not cared about and the list goes on.

Many people believe in a higher power .... I know that I do. For me that is God. For you it may be something else.

I suffer with depression and have done for years. I find that many times in my life I have not taken the time for me and this seems to exacerbate the problem. I have pushed myself to the limit and even gone over the limit of what I can take or do with disastrous results. I have found that as I get older I have come to realise the importance of taking time for me. But I have also come to realise the importance of handing things over to a higher power, to Heavenly Father and allowing him to take care of my needs.

I have come to realise that each day, I need to take some time for meditation, reading my scriptures or doing something that in some way connects me with my Father in Heaven.

Do you take time each day to connect with your Higher Power, with God, with that thing that helps meet your spiritual needs ?? Do you take time to listen to the inner you and feed that thing in side of you that is lacking ?? I've also come to realise that if I do feed the inner me and do look after the spiritual, then I have a greater chance of coping with everything else. I have a greater chance of getting through the challenges that I face in my life.

Taking care of the spiritual, feeding the spiritual definitely creates a better me.


Lea said...

Wonderful post! Spot on!

Sophie Slim said...

Thank you for spuring me on today! :)