Tuesday, October 25, 2011


I missed blogging yesterday .... having computer trouble. So now I'm trying to play catch up. Doesn't that drive you nuts. Some days it's so easy to browse the blogs and surf the net, and then other days it's a chore .... it's slower than a wet week.

My internet is slow and the photos won't download and I'm getting more and more frustrated. Same problem today.

Well of course just to make me look like a liar ....... bang, my photo downloads. Well what do you know. Must have decided to start working. Still trying to download other photos, but they are taking time now. Nope they are not going to download, so it looks like you only get the one photo.

Tell me .... what do you see in this cloud formation ???


gnomeangel said...

I actually have an item on my weekly to-do list called "blog chores" because I do find it can be like a chore at times.

Although other times I could happily lose myself for hours working on the blog.

Guess it's just one of those things...

Charlotte said...

I can see a Dragon with it's clawed foot up in the air! Wow, I haven't looked for shapes in the clouds for ages! so much fun!