Wednesday, October 12, 2011


It's been a long day today.........

Things started to go awry when I had a missed call at work from Mr. 25. I rang him back only to be greeted with the information from him that he had had an accident at work and had crushed his finger between 2 pallets.

My stomach sunk, I felt sick and just sat there for a second. I went into MOTHER mode. You know that mode when your kids are hurt and so you hurt too. I asked all the usual questions : are you alright? How much damage is there? Where are you?

Yes, he said he was alright ... although I had to think with a crushed finger, he must have been in some pain, although he then told me that he had been given pain medication. He then told me that he was being sent from the hospital where he was sent to another day hospital to have plastic surgery on his finger, so I knew that the finger couldn't have been in good shape. All this time Mr. 25's girlfriend was with him, taking very good care of him. She was awesome and so calm. I was so grateful that she was with him today and looked after him so well.

At this point I finished my shift at work and then went home. I got more phone calls with the address of where he was and then I got in the car and headed down there. When I got to the Day hospital they had seen him and in order for him to have the surgery he now had to go to another private hospital to have the actual surgery.

After much waiting around and wondering what was going to happen they finally took Mr. 25 in and after still more waiting they did the surgery. He has never had a general anaesthetic and so didn't know how he would react to it .... but he came out with flying colours. Everything went well. Of course he is sporting a huge bandage covering the whole hand and has to go back on Friday to see the doctor ..... but all seems well. I guess we won't know the full outcome for a number of weeks.

What I came to realise today was that once you are a mother, it really doesn't matter how old your children are, you still worry about your children when something happens. All you want is for them to be okay. You are always a mother, it's a job for life.

I also realised that I am grateful that Mr. 25 has found someone to share his life with and that together they seem so good for each other.

I am grateful too for the doctors and nurses and those that cared for my son today and gave him the very best of care.

Most of all I am grateful and thankful for the fact that despite what happened, the accident wasn't worse and that he will probably come out of this whole thing relatively unscathed. There is always something worse that can happen and I'm so grateful for a good outcome.


L!$@ said...

Awwww mother mode :D Mum goes into that sometimes! :D I guess I'll understand one day.

Kris said...

Glad he is doing well. I'm getting better at the operation thing. I was a mess after the first operation one of my kids had but I'm up to number 12 for the kids and even a grandchild has had one that I was there for, so it gets easier.

Lotti said...

Yep Lisa, you will understand one day. Kristin, I'm glad to hear that it gets easier.