Saturday, December 3, 2011



I've been looking at many different blogs and during my investigations I found this blog and thought I'd join in.

I'm joining in FRIDAY JOY JAM

I've decided to join them in helping to radiate the energy of gratitude, thankfulness and celebration of everything that gave us joy this week.  Hoping to help send positive energy out into the world.  We can never get enough positive energy in the world.

What were the 3 - 5 things that gave you joy this week?

  Perhaps it is something exciting that happened to you this week, something good that you achieved, a kind gesture, or something that made you smile. Something, anything that gives you, or has given you joy in your life.
Creating a greater awareness for the good in your life.

List the things that gave you joy in the comments below, or you can also click here  to share your blog  if you do a special post on "Joy Jam".

Things that gave me joy this week are:
A lovely meal at a friends house
Going Christmas shopping with my daughter
Starting my first Uni subject, learning new things and making new friends.
Having a one on one tutorial with my tutor (such a blessing)
Seeing photos of my beautiful grandchildren that I have never met
(they are so sweet and beautiful)


scrapwordsmom said...

Sounds like your heart and world is JOYful!!

Enjoy your day, Lotti:)


Louise@ the HeART Center said...

Thanks so much for joining the "Joy Jam" this week. Sounds like you had lots of great things to celebrate this week. Have a lovely weekend
Louise xx

Dryalantha said...

A lot of joy indeed! Sounds like you had much fun. :) Have a nice weekend!

Charlotte said...

We have so many things to be joyful for!
For me it's my husband Will & my little man Jaimeson! For family & friends who care when you're sick. For putting the Christmas tree up & enjoying it's lights! For feeling a bit better today, hooray!
Thanks for the well wishes yesterday :)