Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Time to get Christmasy...........

I think it's time to get Christmasy (is that even a word)?  I went to a friends house for dinner last week and had a wonderful time.  Love you R.
Photos are a little blurry, but I've chosen to use them anyway. 

She has this beautiful tree in her house.  When it's off it looks like nothing but a dark green tree, but then you turn it on and it comes to life.  

Constantly changing colour and 
looks truly beautiful.  I could
watch it all night.  So pretty

I must admit I've found it a little hard this year to get into the spirit of Christmas and I'm not sure why.  I love the meaning of Christmas and what it stands for, at least from my perspective.  I wish I didn't feel the way I do and I'm trying very hard to get into the spirit of things.


 In light of that I went out and brought this fabric to make my daughter a skirt.  It was her choice of fabric and there is something very Christmasy about it, which I really love.

I then went out and bought these two lovely decorations and at $2 each they were so pretty I couldn't resist.

And of course a star, which was Miss A's choice for the very top of the tree.


Annette said...

What a pretty tree. I tend to be mesmerized by the changing colors...kind of like staring at a roaring fire in the fireplace. I'm having a hard time this year too. Because of a knee injury, I'm just not able to do the shopping and decorating I would like. In fact, I'm just down right grumpy about it!

L!$@ said...

I love Christmas! If I was home right now I would be decorating like a crazy person!