Monday, December 12, 2011

POM POMS and AGAPANTHAS ...........


 The secret to changing their colour is in the soil.

I went to a friend's house today and saw this beautiful sight.
These 3 Hydrangea plants were in the same garden bed, which I found quite fascinating as they were almost next to one another and still they were different colours.  They look so pretty in the garden.  I can still remember my great-grandparents having heaps and heaps of these plants everywhere in their garden and I can always remember how beautiful they looked.  I used to call them pom poms, because that's what they looked like to me, large pom poms.  When I saw these today, they so reminded me of my great-grandmother's home.

If you want your Hydrangeas to be bluer then they need to be in more acid soils and in more Ph soil they go more pink.  If you want more information about Hydrangeas then go here.   I found this site very informative and easy to read.

 Can't resist taking a picture or two of these.  Another reminder of my great-grandparents house and the wonderful grandmother that she was to me.  These lined the driveway all the way down to the house, alternating in white and blue.  I become all sentimental when I see them, as they evoke such wonderful memories.

What wonderful memories do you have of your grandparents?
What things evoke wonderful memories for you?


sammylee said...

I have so many incredible memories of my grandparents. A lot of them in just every day life.

Strawberries, for example. A reminder of the time my great grandmother ate one that didn't have her usual cream and sugar on it, and the face she pulled because it was too sour for her was just amazing! haha!!

Worms, trains, tools, etc trigger memories of Papa (officially, he was my step-grandfather, but we didn't know any different). He made worm farms, made contraptions, and was the first life member of the Willunga markets -
(the last page has his "in memorium..")
With Papa, there's also those water spray bottles - we used to "do" this hair when we were kids. Get out a towel to put around his neck and then spray it wet and tie it into little pony tails. Haha!!

With Nanny, I always think of her when I see frangipanis (that's why I got frangipanis and her name tattooed on my wrist).

Sea shells remind me of Nanny. Blue tongue lizards remind me of her as well (there was one that used to sit in the garden on the little bridge).

Nanny passed away when I was about 11. But she was my everything. I wish she was around now so I could create more memories. (In fact, I wish all of my grandparents were around now.

With Dedu (mum's dad), I don't remember much at all. Only stuff from photos. He died when I was 3.

But Baba (mum's mum)! I have memories of Baba and her accent. And her chicken soup. Whenever mum makes anything woggy, I think of Baba. Whenever someone in our family says something like "kako tsi" (how are you in Yugoslav), I think of Baba. We have "Baba's Garden" out in our backyard as well.

Chicken makes me think of Baba aswell. Fish eyes - Baba.

Yeah, I have some weird, but great memories that are triggered by some weird and wonderful things!!


Charlotte said...

I love agapanthus! And hydrangea too. So sweet and very much like pom poms!
We call Trashy mags (New Idea, Woman's Day etc) "Nanny's Books" cos she always read them & called them her books! And Honey Jumble Biscuits were always called "Poppy's biscuits" cos they must have been his favorite. It was years (like i was about 16) before I knew that they were actually called Honey Jumbles!
My Grandpa was a wonder with puns and funny rhymes. He used to say "ever noticed that eating ruins your appetite?" lol! And he knew lots of silly rhymes that my Mum still repeats.
My Grandma had dimentia before I was born so my memories of her at not clear cos we didn't interact much. My sister looks a lot like her, so that's a nice reminder. I know my Mum misses her a lot. :)

Lotti said...

Thanks for sharing both of you Sam and Charlotte. I love hearing people memories ... so special. It's nice to remember the lovely things that remind us what these people mean to us.

Barn House Antiques said...

These are beautiful too!! I must have missed this post...