Sunday, April 22, 2012

COOL PROJECTS ......... newspaper pots and a locker cabinet

Recycled Newspaper Pots

I've been on Pinterest again today (I'm still loving it - as if you can't tell) and I found a couple of totally awesome projects, projects that I would just love to have a go at.

I'm involved in a group that fundraises for activities, equipment, etc. for disabled people.  We held a Trash and Treasure Market back in March and it was very successful, raising way more money than we thought that we would

I am wanting to grow some seedlings for our next Trash and Treasure market in June.  I came across this idea today and I thought that it was awesome.  I found the idea on Cottage Hill ... so click here if you are interested in having a look at how it's done.  The thing that I love about this idea is the fact that after growing the seedlings in the newspaper pots you can just plant them like that in the garden.  Thanks Lindy, I love your idea, and think that it's awesome.

Locker Cabinet
Then I found this project.  Which I'd love to have a go at making.  It's just gorgeous.  Such a nifty little cupboard and so pretty.  Again I found this on Pinterest, but it was from a website called 
..... click here to read more.  Believe me I'm hooked and so will you be when you go there.  Thanks Ana for your amazing site.

You can register and they have heaps of patterns for some gorgeous projects to make.


AnnaPrasad said...

I love both those projects, good luck with them. I look forward to seeing your versions.

L!$@ said...

Get on that! Some really good ideas there :D

Cybele said...

Ohhh I do like that locker cabinet!!

Charlotte said...

Oh those newspaper pots are so cool! I've pinned that cabinet too! I hope I can get Willy to brush off the saw & make it for me some time!