Tuesday, April 10, 2012

SIBLING WEEKEND ...... the final 2 days in Melbourne

My twin sister and I went on to stay in Melbourne for 2 nights after we left Ballarat.

Couldn't resist taking this photo from out of the window, just to see what it would look like from all the way up there.  Mind you we were only on the 4th floor, but it still seemed a long way up.

It was a nice little room with 2 bedrooms, a bathroom with a washer and dryer in it, a kitchen, dishwasher and was fully self-contained.

Collins Street, Melbourne

T & G building, Cnr Collins & Swanston St, Melbourne

Melbourne is my home city.  I was born and raised in Melbourne  .... literally about 4 blocks from where this building is.  The hospital is no longer there.  Bit of trivia for you here .... when my twin sister and I were born they were making the movie "On The Beach" ... not the one with Leonardo Di Caprio, that was made a few years ago, but the original with William Holden and Ava Gardner in it.  Apparently one of the scenes was being filmed one day outside my mother's hospital window.

One thing I realised about Melbourne while I was away on this weekend was the fact that it is such a busy place.  After living in Adelaide for 9 years, every time I go back, I can't believe the volume of traffic.  Of course Melbourne is a bigger city and more people live there, so it stands to reason that there is more traffic there ... but you just become so much more aware of it when you are not there all the time.

When the lights change is like a mad dash for people to get across the road as fast as they can.

You're likely to get run over if you stand in anyone's way.

David Jones

David Jones

Melbourne Town Hall 

Myer Melbourne, Bourke Street

My sister and I did a lot of shopping .... window shopping that is.

On the Monday we also did a lot of walking .... my feet were aching by the time we got back to our room. It was nice to sit and relax for the night with my feet up.

Horse & Cart, Swanston Street, Melbourne

I love the way they have these horses and carts for people to ride around the streets of Melbourne in.

More photos of Melbourne to follow ......


Anna said...

How nice to have your siblings with you. Love the pictures from the trip :-)

Charlotte said...

I have only visited Melbourne once, but I really enjoyed it! Funny that you should think its so busy, coming from Adelaide, cos I think it's so quiet, coming from Sydney! LOL! Looks like a great trip!

Kris said...

Well I like it! It sure is busier than Adelaide, but I just stand to the side and let everyone bustle past me. (It's good etiquette here to stand to one side on the escalators cause someone always wants to get past!) It's a brilliant place for people watching!

Jody Pearl said...

Thankyou for the reminder of why I love Melbourne - think I could fall in love with Adelaide.

Annette said...

I love the first picture looking down on the street! Sounds like you had a wonderful time. Melbourne sounds like a city I would like to visit!