Wednesday, April 11, 2012

TRAMS, THE ROYAL ARCADE and all things Melbourne ........time to say goodbye ..

The old Buckley and Nunn Building, Buckley & Nunn Limited, Bourke St, Melbourne

This is the old Buckley and Nunn Building in Bourke Street, Melbourne.  I can remember my grandmother talking about this company when I was younger.  This was a department type store like David Jones or Myers.

Photo taken from the Bourke Street Mall looking over to the cnr of Bourke and Swanston Street

Looking down Bourke Street towards Elizabeth Street and in the distance you can see something that Melbourne are well known for ........ TRAMS.

Trams are a very popular mode of transport in Melbourne, they run all around the city and in all the main streets and out into the suburbs.

St. Paul's Cathederal ..... this photo was taken the day before they held the state funeral here for the late Jimmy Stynes of the Melbourne Football Club.

It would have been hectic to be there on the day of the funeral and in fact the streets were closed off and trams stopped while they held the funeral.

My sister and I went and ate at Nando's ...... the food was sooooo nice.  We shared a large chicken paella and it was delicious.

I've heard a lot about Nando's, all good, but I've never actually been there to eat.  I can see why people like eating there so much.

Not only was the food yummy, I loved the decor and atmosphere of the whole place.

Thanks to my sister for suggesting eating here .... I loved it.

Before we went home we went and had a look in the Royal arcade.
The clock with Gog and Magog

Read below and it tells you what it says on each side of the sign underneath the clock.

    (Left side) These two 7-feet giants have been striking the time on Gaunt's clock since 1842. They were carved from clear pine and modelled on the figures erected in Guildhall, London, in 1708 to symbolise the conflict between the ancient Britons and the Trojan invaders."
    (Right side) Mythology tells of the giants Gog and Magog (also known as Corineus and Gogmagog) having been captured in battle by the Trojans and made to serve as porters at the gateway of an ancient palace on a site later occupied by the Guildhall. It is traditional for Gog to stand to the north and Magog to the south.

I saw these in a shop window in the Royal Arcade.

I love Babushka dolls .... there is just something nice about them and I just love the colours.

This shop was full of them.

More Babuska dolls.

Finally we went back to Tullamarine airport and headed off home, my sister to Tasmania and I came back home to Adelaide .... here's the back of the plane that my sister caught home.

I don't do goodbye's at the airport very well .... especially not where my twin sister is concerned.


sister outlaws said...

You've made me look at my own town with fresh eyes. Glad you had a good holiday!

Kris said...

Well, I live in Melbourne, but I have never been to the Bourke St Mall! I just live in my little bit of it! (Hey! I didn't go to the Rundle Mall very often when I lived in Adelaide!)

Fay said...

Great photos! I would love to visit Melbourne one day.

Annette said...

You've totally convinced me to visit Melbourne if I ever make it to Australia!