Wednesday, May 16, 2012


Been trying to blog for over two weeks now, but somehow the cord to my camera went missing and couldn't download photos.  Finally found it, and so now I can get back to downloading photos and blogging again.

SHIPPING CONTAINERS .........  ever wonder what's been shipped in them ?

Ever wonder whereabouts in the world they have been?
Ever wonder what countries and amazing sights they have seen? Have they been on the back of a truck and seen the roads of Australia ?

I pass these containers four days a week.  They are for sale.  I can't help wondering what's been inside them.  What treasures have come out of them.  I even wondered if some product that I have purchased may have come out of one of these containers.
It looks like a graveyard for old containers .... a place where they go when they are no longer required, or until someone else needs them.
And since I have so much time to think while I'm driving to work, it got me to thinking what people would use these for, other than the obvious, such as storing things or moving things from one place to another.

One of the latest ideas for shipping containers, is the idea of recycling them and using them for housing.  I find this quite fascinating.

After looking on several websites .....  here and here ...... I find that they are quite reasonably priced and a relatively cheap form of housing.   Of course there are modifications to be made and outfitting to be done before you could live in it, but it strikes me as being a great alternative to building a regular house from scratch.  

I feel like I could be quite creative turning one of these into a house.  So much scope to make one, two or three of these containers into a comfy little home.  Now I know they wouldn't be everyones cup of tea, not to everyones taste, but I would certainly give creating a home out of a shipping container a go.


Kris said...

Aren't they great? A friend of mine has been thinking of doing this.

Charlotte said...

They have a whole shopping centre made out of them in Christchurch, NZ! Cool!!
I often wonder what's inside :) I love to think its some exotic furniture or handmade silks, rather than just tissues or tins of beans ;)