Sunday, May 20, 2012


This is what I'm making at the moment.  Crocheting a rug in a Chevron pattern.  (Have added the pattern at the end). I've always been a knitter, not really a person who crochets that much, that is until last last year when I decided I actually liked crocheting.

My grandmother taught me to crochet (probably said that somewhere here on my blog before) and so when I make something it reminds me of her.  I know she would be happy that I'm giving it a go.  I actually didn't think that I'd be able to follow a crochet pattern that easily, but I can.

This was a pretty simple pattern really and very easy to make.  I'm making this rug as a knee rug, and it is going to be raffled to raise money for services and activities for disabled people.  I find that I'm really enjoying it and I love the fact that I can just pick up where I left off and it's easy to find where I'm up to.  I also like to try making a few smaller rugs in soft baby colours as gifts for those having babies.

I've also found Ravelry where there are heaps of patterns available for free ~ click here to have a look.  I've found some great stuff on there and I love that they let you know the degree of difficulty of the patterns.

I'll post another picture when I have finished the rug.

Chevron Granny Blanket

1 - 100 gram ball of 8 ply yarn will do an average of 14 - 16 rows.
3.5mm - 4mm crochet hook.
ch - chain
tr - treble, for US terms change all tr to dc.
Ch 183 - 185.  Take any un-crocheted chains off end when you have finished first row.  You can make it much bigger by adding more chains, approx 15 ch each time.
Finish with a downward slope to match the start of row ...
Round 1.
Miss 1 ch, 1 tr in next 7 ch, *3 tr into next ch, 1 tr in next 6 ch, 
Miss 2 ch, 1 tr in next 6 ch.*
Repeat * - * to last 8 ch.
3 tr in next ch, 1 tr in next 7 ch.
Round 2.
Miss first stitch, 1 tr in next 7 tr, * 3 tr into next tr (this will be the tr that is in the middle of the 3 tr group from the previous round), 1 tr in next 6 tr.  Miss 2 tr, 1 tr in next 6 tr.*
Repeat * - * to last 8 trebles.
3 tr in next tr, 1 tr in next 7 tr.
Continue repeating Round 2 to desired length in a colour combination you like.


Kris said...

You sure can read a pattern! That rug is looking awesome!

L!$@ said...

Nice work! You'll have to teach me to crochet one of these days :P

sister outlaws said...

I love this! My Granny used to make this pattern too. I've been doing some crochet tonight but just had to unpick it because it dodn't work out! Might have to check out that link for patterns. Thanks!

Charlotte said...

I LOVE chevron pattern & the rug is just gorgeous! I think crocheting some in baby colours would make fabulous gifts too! I treasure all Jaimeson's handmade gifts, they are so special, and made with love! Great work :)