Monday, May 28, 2012

A WEEKEND IN MELBOURNE and a Footy Feast to boot !!!

Mid to early May Mr. 22 and I headed off to Melbourne for the weekend.  Drove over to Melbourne in the early hours of Saturday morning and drove home in the early hours of Tuesday morning.  First thing I discover when I went get there this time, was that they now have a new system of purchasing tickets on public Transport .... Myki Card. You pay for the card and then top it up as you go.  Luckily my son and I were travelling on public transport with our friend
and she was able to help us with the nitty gritty.  They still have the old ticketing system (met card) going for now while they phase in the new system. All in all I have to say that I liked the idea of the card.  I think once you get to know how to use it it's a good system all round.

I like the fact that it's a tough card, like a credit or bank card, can be held in a folder and scanned through the card as you get on and off each form of public transport.  Also it appears that it is cheaper to use this system.

View of the Rail system from the bridge over to Ethiad Stadium, heading out north of the city of Melbourne.

The purpose of going to Melbourne this time was so that my 22 y/old son could go to four different footy games (Aussie Rules for those who do not know).  I went because I too wanted to go to the footy, but it was a bit cold and wet for me and not being as enthusiastic as my son, I only attended one game.  Rain, cold days, no wait freezing cold days, do not enthuse me to sit out in the cold.  My son went off to another one of the games with our friend and went to two games on his own.  As soon as we arrived in Melbourne we headed off to the North Melbourne (the Kangaroos) Football ground to see his team training. 

Here's Mr 22 with the coach of the Kangaroos

Our friend with the Kangaroos mascot

My son and our friend had heaps of time getting signatures all over the back of their jumpers of the players and the coach. 

One of the entrances at Ethiad Stadium

Statue opposite the front of Ethiad Stadium

Now Monday night we went to the most important game of all (well in my eyes anyway) to see my team St. Kilda (the Saints) play against Carlton (the Blues) my 26 y/old sons team.  I honestly thought that we were going to be beaten that night.

There's something about going to see a live game at the stadium.  Mostly I'm just a watch it at home on the TV type girl.  Since the game is played in winter, it's usually cold and wet and I don't much go for that.  But there is an atmosphere when you are at the ground that just doesn't happen when you sit in your living room.

The fifty metre line 
fifty metres out from the goals

We had an awesome time at the footy.  The Saints won, which was awesome for me  ......  not so for 22 y/old, his team lost and so did 26 y/olds team.  

On monday for lunch we went into Melbourne and went to The Pancake Parlour and had these for lunch.

 Can't remember what this one was called, but this was what Mr. 22 chose

Jamaican Banana
My very favourite from The Pancake Parlour


sister outlaws said...

That was a great game of footy wasn't it? The Saints were so fast and on fire! Go Saints!I haven't been to the footy for years (and then I've only been twice!) because I hate the cold! Might have to go when it's my team, the Tigers, versus The Saints - which is this Friday!!!

Charlotte said...

Wow what a fun trip! I agree that sitting out in the freezing cold for 4 games would have been too much! I do love the atmosphere at a live game tho! U can't beat it for excitement. Those pancakes look delicious! I could do with some right now!