Friday, November 30, 2012


"Though we can't always see it at the time, if we look upon events with some perspective, we see things always happen for our best interests.  We are always being guided in a way better than we know ourselves".

This quote is by Swami Satchidananda, who was an Indian Religious teacher, spiritual master and yoga adept.

In light of what has happened this week at work I couldn't agree more.  As I write this blog, I am feeling very philosophical about the whole situation, albeit a mixture of emotions.  Darn it ..... I'm an emotional person, I admit it.  I'm a 'wearing your heart on your sleeve type of person'.  I don't ever want to change that, just learn to do it at the right time. My friends that know me well know that I would never intentionally do anything to hurt anyone.  If I did hurt someone it would be totally unintentional.  I'm a softie at heart.  I just never realised how hard it could be to make a decision that was going to affect someone else, even when you know that the decision you are making is the right one.  I guess this is the first lesson of many in my new job.    Also it is difficult when the reasons for making the decision cannot be disclosed to the person affected by it.  To the reader of my blog this might sound all very covert, but it's not really, just that due to privacy issues the reasons for what we had to do could not be disclosed to the person affected.  

I then learnt that this is where the issues of trust and logic come into play.  Trust on the part of the person that is being affected by what has happened.  Trust that you have their very best interests at heart and that after knowing them and dealing with them for a long period of time that the decision has been made based on the actions of the third person and not on the basis of anything that the person affected has done.  If I look at this from the perspective of the affected person I can see how they could come to that conclusion and feel that they were being 'punished' .. for want of a better word.  

Then that's where logic comes into play ..... logically, when you have never done anything to impact on this person and have only ever had their best interests at heart, that you wouldn't do anything intentionally to hurt them.  Hopefully, logic tells the affected person that, despite the fact that you can't tell them what has occurred, and they feel upset and unhappy about what you have done, that there is a valid reason for what you have done and that logically you wouldn't have done it without good reason.

The path of life may take twists and turns but
ultimately it leads straight to our destination
in life. 
I guess this has been my first hard experience of many ... my first learning curve.  In all facits of life we have experiences that help us to grow and progress, experiences that teach us life's lessons.  I'm learning that I have to trust myself to make good decisions, even when they impact on others, knowing that the decision I am making is for the good and benefit of all concerned ... although at the time it might not seem that way.  I'm learning that co-ordinating and supervising staff and making appropriate decisions, decisions that are right for everyone, can affect people, even when you don't mean for them to, or even want them to.

I have learnt that I need to take the good with the bad and not beat up on myself for making a decision, which ultimately is the right one. 

Despite the way that I'm feeling right now, I know that I'll be okay in the end.  I know that the things that I am feeling are okay .... it's alright to feel the way that I do.  The feelings won't last forever, eventually they will dissipate and life will move on.  I've learnt how important good self-talk is and how what we say to ourselves, impacts on how we feel about ourself. 

I am so grateful in all this for a supportive boss who assisted me to deal with this and stood by me, agreed with  my decision and assisted in facilitating implementing the actions that were taken.  I thank her for helping me to work through this, allowing me to learn and grow as a person and in my role as an employee of the company that I work for.  I love that experiences and lessons in life give us the opportunity to find out about who we are as a person.  Writing this post has been very cathartic .... has given me the ability to put it all in perspective ..... YAY for the blog I say.  Life is good.


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