Monday, December 17, 2012

Reverb 12 ...... Day 16

Who inspired you in 2012 ? And Why ?

What gifts did they give you ?  And how will you carry these
 forward in to 2013 ?

There was one thing that came to my mind when I read this question and I couldn't help but think yep that is who has  inspired me in 2012.

Well actually 2 things ...... one is Lisa King and reading her blog. You can read her blog here.  Lisa lost her Son Noah in 2011 and then unexpectedly 3 months later her husband Aaron passed away in early 2012.  I have been so inspired by her courage and strength despite the sadness she has had to deal with.  She is an amazing woman and although she has had to deal with more than most, remains real about life.  Her honesty and integrity have been so inspiring.  The gift she has given me (and she has no idea that she has done anything) is courage to go on in the face of challenges.  Strength to continue to live life and find the good things in life.  Thank you Lisa for who you are and the things that you instill in others through your wonderful example.

The other person that has inspired me, well actually people that have inspired me are my niece and her husband.  Their quiet courage in the face of my nephew finding out that he had cancer has been courageous to say the least.  They have a beautiful family .... two beautiful little girls and have had many challenges as they dealt with what has happened to them. They probably have no idea how their courage has impacted on others.

Often we go through things in our life and have no idea how what we are doing impacts on others.  Both examples have taught me that no matter what happens, life can go on and whatever we are given in life we can deal with it with dignity and courage. 

Thank you for your fine examples.

P.S.  To Vicki (my twin sister) you inspired me by running 6k and Kerryn you inspire me with your new way of life and what you have done to improve yourself.  I am in awe of both of you.

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