Monday, December 3, 2012

Reverb 12 ..... Day 3

What do you really wish for ??

I'm participating in  Reverb 12 this month which is being run by Kat of I Saw You Dancing.  Go here to see Reverb 12 and participate if you want to.  

I'm loving the prompts that are being put up and in writing to a topic, makes it so much easier to think of something to write.  Right now I'm so tired and it's making it hard to think, but I'm determined to write this post today.  I know that I can just think about the topic or even write privately about it .... but that would be too easy and not as much fun.  So here goes.

Can I only wish for one thing??? I'm sure there is more than one thing that I wish for, or at least really wish for.

I wish I'd win the lotto, but then that's not going to happen as I don't buy tickets.  I think of all the good things I could do with all that money.  How many people I could help with that money.  But then there's the negatives, with people finding out that you have money and trying to get some of it.  Not the good & genuine people, but those that only want to know you for your money.  

I wish I had my own house, my dream house, and then I could do anything I wanted in it, without having to worry about the rules of having a landlord.

I wish that I could go for a day without having to worry about anything at all.  Just spend the day relaxing and find a way to put all the worries of the world in a box, move it to one side, and just rest and enjoy life.

Most of all I really wish for a family that was united and not dysfunctional.   I really wish for a family that loved each other, wanted to spend time together and realised that the most important thing in the world is a family.  I really wish for my daughter to hug me and tell me she wants to talk (see yesterday's post) and I really wish to have all my grandchildren together in one place and tell them how much I love them and just spend time playing with them, getting to know them.  It's simple really. 

Just for today ..... that's what I really really wish for.   

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AnnaPrasad said...

Oh Leonie, I loved this post. I wish all those things for you too. I might take part in this as well. Have I told you before how I love your writing? It really goes straight to the heart.