Friday, December 7, 2012

Reverb 12 ..... Day 7

What will you take with you
into 2013 ?

What will I take with me ?

A human being is a single being.  Unique
and unrepeatable.
John Paul II
I didn’t realise it at first, It happened slowly, 
as I travelled along the path of life.

I felt as though I was struggling, 
falling down it seemed, at every turn,
struggling to find my way.

I ached, I hurt, I wondered,
how I would ever find my way,
and yet inside there was a feeling, 
a feeling that there was hope and peace
and the ability to move on and forward.

I listened to the still small voice within my very being, 
the one that told me that I could do it, 
no matter what the human me thought.

I take with me from this year that’s passed, 
the knowledge that I am, who I am, 
a unique creation of a loving Father in Heaven, 
who knows what I am capable of,
and yet allows me to take the journey, 
knowing that in taking the journey 
I will find out who I am, and what I am capable of, 
what my eternal potential is.

For although he’s knows my ability, 
he allows me to find out what my ability is, 
and in doing so realises that this is for my own good, 
for in reaching my potential, 
in striving alone, 
I become the person I am meant to be.

I take with me this year the knowledge
that I have the potential to achieve all that I want 
and more.

I take with me the knowledge that it’s okay to fail, 
to fall down and get back up and keep going.
Failure refines our true nature and allows us the opportunity
to grow, for it is not only in failing that we learn, 
but in getting back up and finding our true nature and eternal potential.

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