Sunday, January 6, 2013



There are varying views out there on the latest movie production of LES MISERABLES.  Some people loved it, some didn't like it at all.  Some thought it was okay and some people just didn't understand it. 

I fall into the ' loved it category '.  I loved it from start to finish, and was glued to the screen from the get go.  I've never seen Les Miserables before so had nothing else to compare it to and perhaps this was a good thing for me.  Sometimes comparisons can be a bad thing, tainting the viewers perception of what they are watching.  It allowed me to watch the film and enjoy it for what it was, a very good movie.

I thought it was harrowing, emotional (I cried through many parts of it), and joyous in parts.  I thought that it was a wonderful story of a very good man, a man 
that tried to do his very best in life and was honourable.  We have much to learn from this I think .... in that we can be honourable and good, no matter what the challenges we face in life.  We all have the ability to do the right thing.  I thought Hugh Jackmans portrayal of Jean Valjean was true to the character as I have come to understand through now watching another version of Les Miserables and also currently reading the book.  I thought that Russell Crowe played Javert well and although some have criticised his voice, I think he did the job.  I think he was true to the character he was playing.  

Anne Hathaway's performance was also wonderful and full of emotion.  Whilst none of these people are the BEST singers in the world, I felt there performances were good.  They are there to show an overall portrayal of the Character and are not trained singers.  To be honest I'd go and see it just to see Hugh Jackman, but then who wouldn't.  He is a charming man, a good family man, a nice guy and a good actor.

I went to see this movie with my daughter and my son and his girlfriend ...... with mixed reactions.  I loved it and am going to see it again this week.  My son enjoyed it, although I don't know that he loved it like I did, my daughter didn't really understand it, but she wants to see it again and I think will enjoy it and understand it more the second time around.  My son's girlfriend was bored and did not enjoy it at all. I think that musicals in some cases are an acquired taste ... I call this more of an operetta, rather than a musical.  Les Miserable, for me at least, definitely lived up to my expectations.

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