Sunday, January 13, 2013

Reverb 12 ....... Day 30

What can you CELEBRATE NOW ?

How often do we only celebrate the BIG things .... the birthday milestones, the BIG achievements.  Ultimately the end result of a whole lot of other little achievements, the things that you had to do to get where you are now.  The little things that happened along the way, before you even reached the end.

I'm me, I am who I am, I'm kind of liking who I am right now.  I still want to change things about me and my life.  They are mostly not physical things.  Sure I want to lose weight, in the process getting slimmer and be a lot fitter than I currently am.  I want to improve my health.  Most of all the things that I want to improve or  change .... perhaps tweek is a better word .... about myself are internal things.  They are more about feelings and unseen things.

I celebrate that I am 53 nearly 54 (I'm not afraid to share my age ... actually it's just a number) and I am okay with the person that I am.  I like being the age I am now, rather than being in my teens or even in my 30s.  I seem to worry less about what people think of me now (although I do have those insecure moments that everyone has about whether I'm good enough or not) and figure well if people don't like me, at this point, for who I am, then I can't do much about it.  

I like that if I don't want to do something I don't have to ..... I don't feel peer pressure to be someone or something I'm not.  I like that I can go where I please, when I please and no one can tell me not to. I love that I can have an opinion about something and as long as I'm not being offensive to others, I can express that opinion and not care if other people don't like it.  I've seen enough life to figure that while I'm not perfect, I'm doing okay.

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