Monday, February 25, 2013

What keeps you awake at night ....

I keep wondering why I am awake nearly 2 hours before I need to be.  What's with that.  You think you'll get a good night's sleep and then you don't.  I've tossed and turned for most of the night and then became fully awake.

It's been very warm here over the past few weeks and very hot at night and so because of that it becomes difficult to sleep.  Thank goodness I'll have a lot to do today to keep me going.  Think if I sit down for a minute, I might fall asleep.

The thing about being awake early is that you get to see television programs that you wouldn't otherwise watch ..... 7th Heaven, Dr. Quinn Medicine Woman .... I love both of these shows, so at least I had something to do.  Then there's the early morning shows like Sunrise.  They are saying that there are cyclone warnings in Western Australia, severe rain and possibly flooding in Queensland.  Australia is a land of such diverse weather and all at the same time.  I feel for the people that are affected by these acts of nature.    

Well at least I have something to be grateful for and that's the nice new sheets that I just bought and a comfy bed to sleep in.  There's nothing like new sheets. 

That's it from me for now ..... off to try and get at least a little bit more sleep before I have to leave my bed.

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