Saturday, January 25, 2014


The last 2 days of my journey have not been so good.  To say that things are always positive would be to deny those times when things are just that little bit tougher.  I have been working at being positive and for the most part I have been.

The challenge over the past few days has been my eating.  Not so healthy I would have to say.  Not entirely bad, but just not as good as it could be.  I am sure that we all have those days.  I am trying so hard to stay on track, but in the past 2 days I just seemed to let myself go a bit.  Eating things that I wouldn't normally eat and just eating that little bit too much.  

We all have times when we do this I guess and why should I be
any different.  I have been thinking about the challenge of me doing this and realised that it is not so much about doing this, but rather getting back on track again.  Realising that what you do over a couple of days is not the end of it all.  It has a lot to do with what you say to yourself, your self-talk.  It's about .... do you go with the negative thoughts that enter your head, or tell yourself positives and that you can get back on track.

In the past I guess I would have just done the whole DOWNWARD SPIRAL to failure thing.  I would not have had very good self-talk and this would have impacted totally on whether I FAILED or SUCCEEDED.

I had a late night last night and so it was hard to get up this morning and go for my walk.  My alarm went off and I did not want to move from the bed, but I said to myself "you can lay here, or you can get up and keep on going."  I will admit, it was a challenge to get my feet on the floor.  But I don't want to fall back or fail.  I want to keep on going.  I want to be healthy, fit and feeling good physically.  So I got out of bed and went for my walk.  I am glad that I did and it gave me encouragement for another time when I am feeling not so good, to get up and get going.

To anyone out there who wants to achieve something but feels
they can't ..... well I'm here to tell you that you can.  YOU CAN DO IT ... and only you can do it.  You can start right here and now by making a goal and working towards it, one step at a time .... and little by little you will get there.  It won't always be easy and you will have challenges, but you will get there in the end.  

I think it is about desire; desire to achieve your goals.  It's about knowing that you can keep going even when you don't feel like it.  To make it to the end result.  So today is a new day, a new start and I realise now more than ever that it is about keeping on going, putting one foot in front of the other day in and day out, and never giving up.