Monday, January 27, 2014


Well I did it, made it through another walk.  

Today was hard ... I did not want to go walking ..... found it very hard to get up.  Had to do a lot of good self-talk.  Not sure why but today was harder than any other day since I started out.  But I put one foot in front of the other and walked.  My time was not great, but I did it ....... and I increased my walk by another .5 of a kilometre.  

At this point I had to try and think of how far I had come .... although it was a struggle to do that, I did think about it.  I have come a long way.  It is so hard when you feel negative to think of the positives, just like when you are going through the bad, it's hard to think of the good.  

Today I realised that, that is what you have to do.  You have to look to the achievements and celebrate those, for those are the things that get you through the days that are not so good.

Today I walked 3.5klm ..... that is 2.5klm further than the day that I started out on this journey.   When I started this journey I walked 1klm and was totally wrecked when I got home.  I literally thought that I was going to die.  As dramatic as that sounds I was so unfit, I think that my body was literally in total protest at what I had just done.

I started out this journey on the 23rd December walking 1klm and now 5 weeks later I am walking 3.5klm 3 times per week and I am going to the gym 3 times per week as well.  That is my achievement up to this point.  

So despite how I felt this morning and how much of a struggle it was, and even though I don't feel like celebrating .... I have achieved something,  I have come a long way in that short period of time.  I have kept on going ..... one foot in front of the other .... I have done it .... one day at a time.