Sunday, September 28, 2008

Love and Marriage

I was watching a program on TV today where they were talking about two famous people that met and then lived together and have been living together for many years....over 20 years now. During the program they interviewed a biographer who said (don't quote me on this) "they didn't see the need to get married, after all it was only a piece of paper". Only a PIECE OF PAPER???

I have noticed that in the world today it seems that these words are just bandied about willy nilly without any real thought for what marriage means and what it is. I totally disagree with people saying it's only a piece of is it that they decide that it is just a piece of paper??

Marriage is so much more than JUST A PIECE OF PAPER. It's a commitment to another human being made in love, it says that you commit to them solely without exception.

Sad to see that in this world of ours today marriage has become denigrated to nothing more than a piece of paper. My view may be seen as old fashioned by some, but if that's the case then call me old fashioned.

I went to an engagement party tonight (yesterday really because it's after midnight now) and it has given me renewed faith in love and marriage. As all my friends know I am a single parent and have been on my own for 13 years now - divorced for 12 years this month.

I am contented with my life to a large degree, although like most everyone there are things that I would like to improve on within myself and change .....but I'm working on those things. I honestly believe that happiness comes from within and that if you are not happy inside then nothing external is going to make you happy. There are times however, when it would be wonderful to have a partner in life, someone to share all the challenges with - the highs and lows, someone to show love to and generally just to share my life with.

Sure I would love to find a man and get married again, but he would have to be a patient fellow to take me on board (LOL).

Well tonight at my friends engagement party there was so much love. My friend N and her fiance J are two of the nicest people that I have ever met. When I arrived at the engagement party N & J gave me such a warm welcome it was wonderful. When they gave their speeches - first J then N they were so filled with love for each other and of course that flowed on to their respective families.

Often when there doesn't seem to be anyone out there for you and by that I mean husband material give up, you feel that no one will ever come along for you. Well maybe N thought that too. I know that she was happy on her own prior to meeting J, but obviously they were meant to be together. There is a wonderful respect and love between them, things that you don't see too often.

And where did these two meet?? On the internet.

So maybe there's hope for me too.

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