Monday, January 5, 2009


Here we are, another Monday, and already it's the 5th of January. Doesn't time fly. There is such a build up to Christmas and then before you know it, it's the New Year. Now I don't mean to scare anyone or anything, but can you believe that the kids go back to school in just over 3 weeks. It only seems like yesterday that they went on holidays.

During these holidays my 17 y/old daughter and I have been to see 2 movies, both of which we thoroughly enjoyed. The first was Marley and Me.....based on the book by John Grogan.

This book was absolutely wonderful and was a laugh a minute with the antics that Marley got up to. Whilst I don't think that the movie was quite as funny as the book, I still think that it was well work seeing. I have just discovered that John Grogran has now brought out another book called The Longest Trip Home: a Memoir. If this book is anything like Marley and Me it will be a good read.

The 2nd film that we went to see was Bedtime Stories. I thoroughly recommend this film to anyone who wants to take their kids to see a good movie. I loved it and I would certainly go and see it again. I am not a fan of Adam Sandler as a rule, but he was terrific in this movie.

I guess it reminded me of the time when my kids were young and I would put my kids to bed. As you are sometimes, I would feel really tired and wouldn't much feel like reading a story to them from a book, so instead I would tell them a story that I made up in my head. The story always had a little girl or boy with the same name as the child I was telling the story to, and they could never work out how the story came to have a child in it with their name. To my children it was amazing. Isn't that the wonderful thing about the innocence of children.

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Kris said...

Yes, I'm sure this year is going by much faster than last year! Love the quilt on the little girl's bed in that last photo! Gorgeous!