Saturday, January 10, 2009

My day so far.....very boring really - the case of the stubbed toes!!

Well I got up this morning at about 6.20am ready to start the day. I start work at 7am as a personal carer and all I do is allow myself enough time to get up, get dressed, and then go. I was pretty tired I might add and didn't really want to go to work. Not because I don't like my job, I do, I love it, but because I was just feeling really tired this morning.
As I was coming out of the laundry door and closing it behind me, I forgot to remove my bare feet from close to the door and started shutting the door with my feet underneath the bottom. I do not recommend this to anyone because it actually really hurts heaps when you jam your toes under the door. Needless to say I have a rather sore middle toe now and have discovered this is not my favourite thing to do at such an early hour in the morning, or any other time for that matter. The toe is still throbbing even now some 4 hrs later, and I am just waiting for the bruise to come out. Hopefully it will stop hurting eventually, enough at least for me to forget that I actually hurt it.

Apart from that it is a beautiful day outside today.....really lovely. An especially good day for getting plenty of washing dried and maybe even a good day to do some gardening. Not that gardening is my favourite thing to do, but someone has to do it and it does look nice when it's done. I have to say I'm not a full sun person, but rather like to be in the shade, enjoying the sun in short bursts. Don't know that I will get much gardening done though because it's nearly lunch time now, and I plan to have my Nanna nap this afternoon as well....for me that is a must!!! especially on the weekend.

These daisy's are from my garden and I love them they are so pretty......I call them happy flowers. My two very favourite flowers in the world are Agapanthas and Daisys.


Murphy Family said...

I would LOVE gardening any day over shoveling the feet of snow we have gotten the last few weeks! I love the wonderful summer pictures you post! It makes me look forward to something great soon!

Kris said...

Ouch! I hope you are now fully recovered. Your photos are gorgeous! I didn't realise that yesterday was such a beautiful day! I too am a shade kind of person. I like any kind of shade, but my best is tree shade. It's so much cooler than any other kind of shade! One reason why i don't like the beach in summer. When it's really hot why would you go somewhere without shade, somewhere white and glarey? Winter is when I go to the beach!