Monday, February 16, 2009

Love is in the Air

My niece got engaged on the weekend.....congratulations to both of you. They are such a lovely couple and so happy.

Just lately with all that has been going on with the bushfires in has been a bit worrying and it's really nice to have something to look forward to.

I am really excited about them getting married because of course I'm happy for them both, but also because I have been given the honour of making her wedding dress. When the phone call came to ask me to make the dress.....and my niece said that she wanted me to do something for the wedding for her.....I was off in fairyland and thought she was going to ask me to help out with something else for the wedding.....making the wedding dress never occurred to me.

So I was pretty touched when she asked me to make the dress. I guess between now and then I'm going to be really busy doing lots of sewing.
Then to top it off today in the mail I got an invitation for another niece of mine who is getting married in the same month.....and no, I'm not making the dress for that one.
When I look back and think of these girls that are getting married, I remember when they were little ones.......and it seems like the years have flown. Where have they all gone?? It's amazing how life passes you look ahead and then time seems ages away.....but if you look back you just wonder where all the time went!!

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Kris said...

How exciting to be sewing a wedding dress. Life does whoosh by, doesn't it? I remember when she was a tiny girl asleep on her Mum's couch. Seems like yesterday.