Sunday, March 1, 2009


“The beauty of life is, while we cannot undo what is done, we can see it, understand it, learn from it and change. So that every new moment is spent not in regret, guilt, fear or anger, but in wisdom, understanding and love.” - Jennifer Edwards
Do you ever just have those moments where you are just sitting there doing nothing much and you just start thinking....I guess we all do at times. Maybe not about anything specific, but rather nothing in particular.

Well I have been doing that tonight....only for a short while......but I started to think about how short life is.

I've been finding friends on Facebook that I haven't seen for a long time. Some of them are older than me and some of them are younger. Some have been children that I knew many years ago from church.....where I went to church when I was younger. They are now all grown their 30s and have children of their own. When I looked at photos of them and their families, I couldn't help thinking where has all the time gone.

I finally caught up with a friend on the phone last week that I haven't seen in about 8 yrs. I have been trying to find her again for a long time and quite by chance I found out her phone number. We talked on the phone for about 2 hours and it was so wonderful to catch up with her and find out what was happening in her life. After talking to her for 2 hours I realised why we were friends and how much alike we were. When I got off the phone I suddenly did we lose touch? Why didn't we keep in contact with each other? I got her address, email and snail mail and her mobile number. I plan to keep in touch.

How many of us have family members that, for whatever reason, we never talk to, we never see? How many times do we put off catching up with someone because we think we don't have time? Or have we maybe had words with a member of our family and through pride or stubborness haven't contacted them. I just keep thinking that if we don't contact that person now.....that one day it may be too late.

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