Tuesday, July 28, 2009


The Black Hummer

They tried for a pink one but that's hard to get. It was certainly impressive when it drove up.

The interior was even more impressive. The kids thought it was awesome!!

The corsage

When Ashlee's date gave her the corsage she said

"Thanks M, that's really pretty"

Sometimes you are surprised by the things your children say
Three of the girls from the Yr 12 class
My Beautiful Girl
Miss A is the youngest of my 5 children and the only one to finish Yr 12 and I am so totally proud of her. She looked so beautiful. Miss A, by her own admission is not much of a lady, but she is herself.
On the night of her formal she was a beautiful lady.
Miss A and her formal date. Mr. M is a young man from our church and Miss A. asked him to come to the formal with her .... and he agreed.
I say she is one brave girl, because at her age there is no way I would have asked a guy out. My how times have changed.
When it came time to have photos taken she was very unsure, but her date helped her and was the perfect date. He is a very nice young man.

Miss A has faced challenges all her life. I am so proud of the way that she conducted herself on the night of her formal. Of course mothers are always proud of their children, but I am particularly proud of Miss A and her achievements.
My beautiful girl I am so proud of you and your achievements.


Chantelle said...

Aw, she looked so beautiful. It was really good that Manasseh went with her. What a great night for her.

Murphy Family said...

She looked so beautiful! And all grown up... last I saw of her she was like 10 or 11 years old!