Tuesday, August 10, 2010


I keep on contemplating what I am going to write about on my blog, meanwhile never writing anything .... so it has been ages since I have written a post. Sometimes you just have to start writing and the thoughts will come. I'm guessing it's like that for most authors, famous or otherwise ..... that all get writers block at one time or another. Well it seems that I've had writers block for far too long now.

I have many photos that have been taken over the past months and sadly I have not posted one. So I've decided now that I am going to start putting random photos on my blog and just write about them.

As some of you may know we have the pandas Wang Wang (male) and Funi (female) here in Adelaide as part of an exchange program with China. So as a Carer/support worker I was asked by one of my clients to go with her and her family to the Zoo to see them. In 2008, Zoos SA signed a cooperative agreement with China to help secure the long term survival of the Giant Pandas .... hence they are now part of the Adelaide zoo. I have some photos of them but will post here shortly. If you want to know more about the Giant Pandas click here. However .... I digress.

My photo for today is of Mujambi, the male African Lion at the Adelaide Zoo. I was amazed and excited with how this photo came out and very happy about my effort. There are 3 lions in this exhibition at the Adelaide Zoo ..... 2 females Yizi and Amani and 1 male Mujambi. Mujambi is approx 4 yrs old and is separated from the females because he suffers with lion seizures and was described by the keeper at the zoo on the day we saw him as linkened to a lion form of epilepsy.

While we were there the keeper was putting the 2 females into another enclosure which is blocked off from the main enclosure and letting Mujambi out into the main enclosure. This is done because Mujambi cannot be in an enclosure with any other lions because if he were to have a seizure they would attack him and he could be killed. There was talk of him having to be euthanaised when he first started having seizures but from what I understand this is now under control with medication.

What a beautiful creature he is ..... you can see why they call lions the King of the Jungle.

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Kris said...

That is an excellent photo! I thought it had been taken by a professional photographer. I like the photo and just writing idea. Sometimes it doesn't matter what you post, just that you post! I love to reread my blog and when I have a crisis of posting I am inspired to continue cause I will miss the opportunity to relive the posts when I reread my blog. I mostly just post for me. It is a wonderful record for me!