Sunday, January 2, 2011

1 JANUARY 2011 : A brand new day, a brand new year !!

The Pier at Semaphore Beach
Walked along here and had such a relaxing stroll - the ocean at night is lovely

Someone's handy work ... looks like they had gone to a lot of trouble
and obviously they had just gone home and left them there.

Did I really just say they left them there ...... of course they left them there, they couldn't really take them home.

so many people out enjoying the night air.

The Clock tower, but not the right time

The Surf Life Saving Tower at Semaphore Beach

Summer Carnival

The official government Signal Station established in 1856
where officers would record the details of all vessels in
Gulf St Vincent
Went out for dinner tonight with my daughter and a friend. After dinner we went for a stroll along the pier. The sunset was just beautiful and so pretty. It was a lovely cool night after the hot weather that we had yesterday. I actually relaxed tonight and it was wonderful. After all the hours I have been working of late, it was nice to just sit and relax and then stroll on the beach and further relax. A very enjoyable night. I realise that I should do it more. Can't believe how many times I've said the word relax. It is such a change for me.
But then today is the 1st of January and the start of a new year ...... sounds like a good goal for 2011.

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