Wednesday, January 26, 2011


David Hussey (Australia)

Shane Watson (Australia)
Herald Sun

Work, work, work .... sometimes I feel like that is all I do. I work many hours per week ... per fortnight. Even though I feel snowed under at times, I have to say I do love my job. Knowing that I'm helping others is a good feeling.

Tomorrow, even though I have to get up early and go to work for a couple of hours ..... I'm going to have a relaxing day after that .... at none other than the Cricket. I'm going to the Adelaide oval with my 21 y/old son to watch Australia play England. I don't mind going to the one day games or even the Twenty20, but I don't go much for test cricket. It's a bit like watching grass grow ....... YAWN, b-o-r-i-n-g!! With a 7 game series to be played, Australia have the first 3 games under their belt ..... wonder what tomorrow will bring????? Will we win another game and have an unbroken run of wins or will England give us a run for our money and perhaps win on the day? Who knows .... but whatever happens I'm guessing it will be an exciting game.

We Aussies love our sport and especially the summer pastime of cricket. So common to see cricket being played everywhere, especially in summer. Cricket in the backyard anytime ..... kids with a rubbish bin for the wickets. The family get together, and especially Christmas day with the inevitable match to be played after lunch, while the adults sit and watch and relax. Cricket on the beach! Cricket in the park! Summer wouldn't be the same without the traditional game of Cricket.
Photos to follow in my next post .... hope to get some good shots ... fingers crossed.

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