Tuesday, February 1, 2011


Shane Watson
Waiting for the game to start ....

The Barmy Army ... watching Cricket on the hill and some were getting quietly drunk over the course of the day.


English Cricket Team

Brett Lee ...
Captain of the Australian Cricket team

Had a good time at the cricket on Australia Day with my son. Sadly we didn't win the game, but not all was lost. We only lost by 21 runs, which wasn't a total castrophe. I figure that England had to win to have any chance of winning the series, because we had already won the first 3 games. Anyway their winning didn't change the outcome in the end. After this game England played us again in the one day series in Brisbane and with 7 games for the series, Australia have now won 4 and that means we have won overall. 2 more games to be played, but they won't count for anything. Pretty much entertainment for those that enjoy cricket.

It was a hot day, but thank goodness was under 30 degrees. I wore a hat, long-sleeved shirt and heaps of sunscreen so that I didn't get burnt..... and I didn't. Couldn't stand having sunburn. The Barmy Army as they are called were very entertaining, although you have to wonder that the police don't get worried with all those people drinking all day. I'm sure a few of them got escorted from the ground, but they were pretty well behaved all round. Funny though, you had to laugh at some of them because they were staggering around and looking bleary eyed and I'm not sure how they would have got home. Not sure how they would have fared the next day and I'm glad it wasn't me. My choice of drink was cordial and water .... very ordinary one might say.

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