Saturday, February 12, 2011


As I talked with one of my adult children the other night, I realised that the child in him has grown up. That although he has his challenges in life, he has actually learnt so much and really started to grow up. In my heart I know that he has grown up ... and I know that somewhere deep inside is still that little boy that I once held in my arms .... but he has grown up.

We always want the best for our children and as a parent and a mother, I have always hoped that my children would learn more than I did and would grow up and be smarter than me. I want what is best for them and I want them to achieve more than I did and be so much more than I could ever be. I want them to reach for the sky when it comes to potential. We never quite know what they will become or what they will do with their lives, no matter how well we think we have taught them.......

... and then comes that one special moment when your child says or does something and it touches your heart and makes you realise how much they have become their own person. How much they have grown up and how wonderfully they have found their own way. And you hope and pray that it is something that you taught them along the way that has helped to get them to this point .... but then you also hope that it is they who have found the path, resourcefully, on their own.

So in my heart I remember the beautiful, smiling, precious little man that I held in my arms and I look now to the wonderful, mostly mature (there is always that little bit of boy in them all) and kind and gentle man and I am so Proud of what he has become.

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