Saturday, April 9, 2011


I promise myself I will blog more often, but just don't seem to get around to it. Work, family and other things seem to get in the way.... but mainly work at the moment. Well that was until yesterday when I developed the dreaded GASTRO. Yuck!! All I can say is that I wanted a couple of days off to rest because I was so exhausted, but this sure wasn't the way to go about it. None the less I am getting a rest. I have been looking after a client in a nursing home and it is going around at the nursing home and so that's where I picked it up .... and I am so thrilled. NOT!!

So right now I'm writing this post, but other than that I have been doing a lot of sleeping, resting, reading .. but only a very little, can't keep interested for too long. I thought I might be feeling a lot better today, but that's not the case, so it looks like another day in bed. I hope to be better for Monday morning with a bit of luck. Anyway I've realised that today is probably a good day to be home in bed. It's been raining outside and is a bit miserable.

Am reading the 5th book in the Jean M. Auel series, Earth's Children. Book 5 is called The Shelters of Stone. She has just brought out the latest book in the series No. 6 called The Land of Painted Caves. I am reading no 5 again as I read it quite a while ago now and just want to get up to speed with what happened before I embark on reading the latest book. I hope it's good and not a disappointment, but I realise that everyone has a different view on books and it's all subjective as to our interpretation.

My daughter also went out today and brought a 2 pack of DVD's .... 3 Men and a little Baby and 3 Men and a little Lady ... love those movies. She has been an angel and has been looking after me while I have been sick .... love her for that.

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