Monday, June 6, 2011


Everyday is not a happy day, not a day filled with good feelings .... for me this is one of those days. Why I keep on wondering ????
I only want to write positive things on my blog, but I can't find the positive in this day.
I have looked around me all day and there is nothing there.

I try to find things that will cheer me up, but nothing does.
Where have the things that make me happy gone.
I feel lost inside myself, alone.

I don't want to share my innermost feelings with anyone right now
They hide within me, deep down in the recesses of my mind
in a place where no-one goes
where no-one can go.

The thought of sharing with others right now is painful
the thought of allowing them to know the turmoil that is going on within me
is more than I can deal with.

So just for this moment,
this day,
I will be within myself,
and be who I am.

Maybe tomorrow there will be light,
sun even, to warm my day,
to take away the loneliness that I feel
right here,
right now.

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