Saturday, February 2, 2013


Why do we long for somewhere else besides where our feet are standing ? ......  

"Be There" ... where you are, be there.  Live your life to the fullest wherever you may be.  Relish the moment wherever you are and you will soon find that you will have a much more satisfying life ahead of you each day and each now.

Remember how it was as a child.  We would take the time to lie down in the grass and watch the clouds go by as we looked for a shape in them.  We know then how to discover and relish where we were and what we were doing.  At that point, in our lives we were able to "Be There", in the present moment.  We were able to forget about clock time, daytime, nightime and yes, bed time.

Now, as adults, we want to be somewhere else, doing something else, with someone else, until we get to somewhere else, doing nothing else, with someone else.  We seem to want to do what we are not doing.

                                      ~Watch What You Say When You Talk To Yourself~
                                                                               by Dr. Bob Gerding

I've been reading this book and really enjoyed it.  It's only a small book (62 pages), but what it had to say made so much sense.'  Another tick in my year of finishes .... I started and finished the book.

I went to the shops today with my 21y/old daughter and while she went shopping, I sat in the car reading my book.  I don't do shopping ... it's not something that I can say I really enjoy.  I came to the part in the book where the author talks about being where you are right now .. and ... stopping what you are doing, stop reading and look around you and see where you are right now .... be in the moment.  

And when I did, these are the things that I saw.  I saw these cars on either side of me, naturally because I was in a car park.  

Then I looked further .... out in front of me and saw these .....

I love trees and nature ... love being in amongst the trees.  I don't know what it is that attracts me to them.  Is it there beauty or their majesty or just the way they mostly defy the odds and survive, when they shouldn't.  

 I knew they were there, but did I really notice them before ?  Did I really see them ?  I don't think I did. So it made me think about how, so often I'm not present in what I am doing, how I am not REALLY THERE. It made me recognise the need to really listen to someone and not just hear that they are talking.  It made me realise how I need to acknowledge the presence of others when they are there.
The only thing that we can really experience in life is what we are experiencing right here and right now.  The past is over and the future, has not yet come.  Interestingly when the future does come, it becomes the here and now and is no longer the future.

Do you find yourself thinking about what you want to do in the future?  When you get there, to the future, and the future becomes the here and now, do you feel the same way and want to be there ?  or Do you get there and think that you would rather be somewhere else, doing something else ?

Take a look around you.  If your child is next to you, take a good look, at their eyes, their hair, all the parts of them that you love so much and be right there, in that moment and enjoy what you have.  

One lesson that I have learnt from this is that I need to be more present in much of what I do.  I have learnt that I can do this.  I may need to work at it, but I know that I can do it.  I asked myself today, do I just want to move through my life, doing things mindlessly or do I want to actually be an active participant in my life. 

I take this lesson as a part of my journey...... my journey to greater happiness and fulfilment in my life.

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