Thursday, April 18, 2013

MUSINGS about nothing in particular ....

Well here I am in Melbourne, the place of my birth, spending time with my 3rd son and his partner and her mum.  I'm so enjoying having time with them.  Not that I don't love where I am living now, but I am loving having a break from the rigors of everyday life.  Relaxing and getting out of bed when I feel like it.  I got up at 11.19am this morning or at least that's the time it said on my phone when I looked at it.  Nice one .... no alarm to wake me up this morning.  It was busy day after that .... off to the shops.  I'm not normally a shopper, just go to the shops, buy what I need and then come home again.  But not today and I did enjoy it, sort of.

As I was spending the day with my son and his lady, I couldn't help think how happy they both seem and how good life is for them.  That got me to thinking about our children and how, even when they grow up you still worry and wonder about how they are going.  All you want is for them to be happy and be a peace in their own little corner of the world.

Even when you have children that don't talk to you or have anything to do with you, it doesn't stop you loving them and wanting to know that they are okay. 

I used to think you only worried about your children when they were little and once they grew up you didn't seem to worry any more.  I used to hear my mother say, "you are still my babies no matter how old you are", and in my naivety would think that that was somehow stupid.  How wrong could I be.  They are always your babies, just grown up babies instead of little ones.  So it seems that from the moment that you give birth, your children are your children, no matter what: connected to you forever by virtue of your giving birth to them. 

So that's my thought for the day .... so lovely to think of and remember all my children and how much I love them ......

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happymumma said...

It's the good mums (such as yourself) that worry about their kids no matter what they do or how old they get. xo