Sunday, December 29, 2013


Yesterday a friend put this picture on Facebook and tagged me in it.  She said that she thought of me when she saw it.  I really love it.  Such a great thought ..... Believe you Can and you Will.  

I think this is very very true.  Most of the time one of the reasons that we don't succeed is because we don't believe that we can do it.  My thinking too is along the lines of another good saying and that is ..... Fake it till you Make it.

Right now, at the weight I am, and in the physical condition that I am, I could not see me finishing the RIDE TO CONQUER CANCER.  I could give up right now, thinking that I will never make it.  I realise that isn't the whole story ..... this is just the beginning.  So I am Faking it till I make it.  I am telling myself that I CAN do this and that I WILL DO this.  I am not looking at the person that I am now, but rather what I will become and what I can achieve as I travel this journey.

I think of the money to be raised for research into Cancer and the lives that it will save.  I think of the millions of dollars and where that money will go.  I think of all the families that, right now feel that there is no hope for their loved one to be saved and how this money and research might mean that a cure for their type of cancer might be just a heart beat away ...... and that is an exciting thought.

So as I prepare, train, and work towards riding in this bike ride, I think of the journey and what that will achieve.  I think of what it will do for me.  I think of the struggles and know that it will not be easy, but that I will get there in the end.  Yesterday I found this quote on Google, and it says "When everything feels like an uphill struggle; just think of the view from the top".

When I read this I pictured in my mind the money I will be raising and that felt awesome and then I saw myself, having ridden 200klms, crossing that finish line with my hand raised in the air and thinking ....... I DID IT.  I can't wait to experience that feeling of achievement. 

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