Saturday, January 4, 2014

Doing ANYTHING is only a DECISION away.

Went out walking again this morning .... went out yesterday as well ... 2 more days and then I increase the walking another .5 klm.  It was a beautiful morning to go walking, the sun was out and it was lovely and cool.  Even saw some beautiful green parrots flying around, along the way.

I am going on Monday to see a personal trainer and planning to start with her next week.  Wonder what that holds in store for me?  Never had a personal trainer before.  Thought they were only for elite athletes.  While I am no elite athlete, I realise that I need direction and am hoping that is what I get.  I feel as though I am really pushing myself at the moment ... but I know that I have to do that in order to improve and to keep going ..... just keeping the goal at the end in sight always.

I knew when I started this journey that it wouldn't be easy.  I knew that it would take some doing on my part.  I knew that it would take work.  I guess nothing worthwhile comes easily ..... and you only get out of it, what you put in, in the end.  It took me time to get to where I am now, in a rather unhealthy, unfit state, and so I figure it is not going to take 5 mins to get to the opposite.  While I am walking, I feel all the parts of my body that I haven't been using for a long time.  My back doesn't like me much right now and is protesting quite loudly as I go on my walk.  I figure that he/she will get a little bit quieter as times goes on. 

I guess I could beat myself up over the way that I am, so overweight and unfit, but then I figure that wouldn't really be helpful or achieve anything.  In fact I realise that that is probably what I have been doing all the long, and is most likely the very reason that I got to the place I was in when I started this journey.  I feel like the best, and most positive thing that I can do for myself right now, is to focus on the road ahead, the future and what I am working towards.  I need to focus on the goal and what I want to achieve.

Interesting to me in all of this is the fact that I made the decision to start doing this.  I know I had been thinking that I needed to do 'something' for quite a while, but then all of a sudden the decision just happened.  The thing that I have learnt from that is that anything you want to do or achieve is only a DECISION away, a MOMENT away .... and you have the ability to make it happen.